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Thomas Clarkson and Anti-Slavery Pamphlets

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WISFM : 1997.59

‘Cries of Africa to the Inhabitants of Europe’ by Thomas Clarkson.


London: Sold by Harvey and Darton, Gracechurch-Street; and W. Phillips, George-Yard, Lombard-Street. No date.


Richard Clarkson Collection.


‘A Letter to the Friends of the Slaves on the New Order and on the Necessity of New Measures on their behalf’ by Thomas Clarkson.


Ipswich: King and Garrod Printers, County Press. No date.


Richard Clarkson Collection.

WISFM : 1997.57

‘The Grievances of Our Mercantile Seamen, a National and Crying Evil’ by Thomas Clarkson.


London: Longman, Res, Orme, Brown and Co. and S. Pipe. Ipswich 1845.


Richard Clarkson Collection.

WISFM : 1997.61

‘An Act for Better Regulating the Manner of Carrying Slaves, in British Vessels, from the Coast of Africa (12th July, 1799) & An Act for Amending, Explaining, and Reducing into One Act of Parliament, the Laws Relating to the government of His Majesty’s Ships, Vessels, and Forces by Sea & An Act made in 19 Geo.III to Explain and Amend the said Act. (1798)’


Two Acts bound together with covers made from registers of seamen. 


Richard Clarkson Collection.

WISFM : 1997.64

‘Thoughts on the Necessity of Improving the Condition of the Slaves in the British Colonies, with a view to their Ultimate Emancipation; And on the Practicability, the Safety, and the Advantages of the Letter Measure’ by Thomas Clarkson.


London: Printed by Richard Taylor, Shoe-Lane. 1823.


Richard Clarkson Collection.

WISFM : 1997.66

‘Thomas Clarkson’s Interview with the Emperor Alexander 1 of Russia, at Aix-La-Chapelle as Told by Himself’


Wisbech: Poyser, Printer.


Richard Clarkson Collection.

WISFM : 1997.67

‘Three Letters (One of Which Has Appeared before) to the Planters and Slave-Merchants, principally on the subject of Compensation’. By Thomas Clarkson.


London: Printed by Philips and Fardon, George Yard, Lombard Street. 1807.


Richard Clarkson Collection.


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