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The museum

The Wisbech & Fenland Museum is an independent charity-run museum.

The Museum is supported by the museum Friends, volunteers, Wisbech Town Council, Share Museums East  and local organisations and individuals.

The museum is a perfect surviving example of the Victorian museum, an exemplar of the taxonomy systems and learning styles of the period.

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Preserving the heritage of Wisbech

The Wisbech & Fenland Museum opened in 1847 and continues to collect, care for, and interpret the natural and cultural heritage of Wisbech and the surrounding Fens.

The Museum collections originally were made up of natural sciences and local flora and fauna. Today, in addition to incomparable literary documents of international significance, the museum holds a substantial archive, including parish registers, local government records, manorial records, directories, photographs and maps.

The Library of the Wisbech & Fenland Museum is a reference library, comprising 12,000 volumes in two distinct collections.

A diverse range for all ages

The Wisbech & Fenland Museum – ‘Fit for the Future’ project is funded from the Heritage Lottery Fund’s Resilient Heritage Programme.

Making the museum sustainable is the core aim of the Fit for the Future project and is vital in safeguarding the community engagement, heritage skills, collections and the building. The Museum aims to offer wider engagement opportunities for young and old, families, the diverse local community and tourists. Within the heritage landscape in Fenland, the museum aims to share best practice, support partners and provide leadership as required.

The museum offers formal education and informal learning activities, regular exhibitions, events and research facilities.

We are actively seeking more volunteers to help with all our activities; from welcoming visitors, stewarding in the Library and Gallery, helping with events and conducting research.

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Providing a welcoming, enjoyable environment - both physical and digital - safe and accessible to all, where people can explore the heritage of Wisbech

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Our vision

We believe that Wisbech is a unique place with a rich and diverse history. Our vision is simple:

To provide a welcoming, enjoyable environment - both physical and digital - safe and accessible to all, where people can explore the heritage of Wisbech and surrounding Fenland.

We aspire to be amongst best in class, a fascinating museum at the heart of a strong community, providing a truly inspiring, engaging, and enriching experience.

Our mission

The Museum's collections are rich, eclectic, encyclopaedic, and unrivalled. They contain precious and remarkable objects - of great significance locally, national and internationally - which tell the history of Wisbech and also of the World.

Our mission is to develop, to care for, and to interpret those collections for current and future generations, to stimulate curiosity and wonder, and to make them accessible to everyone everywhere so they can discover and connect with their history and heritage.

We are committed to extending our impact


We are an important educational and research resource for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds

Enrichment and enjoyment

We exist to inspire people, to stimulate ideas, and to satisfy a passion for knowledge

Civic pride

We illuminate and celebrate Wisbech’s proud past and distinctive present

Stronger community and enhanced well-being

We help people connect to their cultural inheritance and generate a sense of identity and belonging: we are a treasure-house of memories and local history

Economic development

We are a key destination in Wisbech and surrounding Fenland’s tourism offer

Public benefit

We will adopt a sustainable and resilient business model so that we can continue to develop and share our collections for the widest possible public benefit. mother and daughter looking into a cabinet

W&F Museum people


  • Stephen McGregor


  • Richard Barnwell DL

    Honorary President

  • David Ball


  • Russell Beal

    Board Member

  • Carl Brodie

    Board Member

  • Paul McGregor

    Board member

  • Helen Strudwick

    Board member

  • Cllr Lucie Foice-Beard

    Board member

  • Cllr Nick Meekins

    Board member

  • Roger Powell

    Board member


  • Paul McGregor

    Chair of Friends

  • Garry Monger


  • Andy Ketley



  • Robert Bell

    Acting Curator

  • Louise Haselgrove

    Learning and Community Participation Officer (P/T)

  • Sarah Cousins

    Curatorial Assistant (P/T)

  • Fred White

    Technician (P/T)

  • Susan Talent

    Housekeeper (P/T)


  • Emma Bunbury

    Museums Development Officer, Cambridgeshire

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