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You can help us keep going

Supporters Circle

You can join the Supporters Circle today

There are three levels to our scheme, click one of the options below to join our circle and set up a direct debit.

Don’t worry if you can’t donate as much as others. There are no rewards for giving more. Just donate as much as you can afford.

Prefer to do it in person?
You can fill out a form now in the museum now.

If you need any help, don’t hesitate to get in touch:

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Can’t commit to a monthly payment?

Click here to make a one-off donation to our cause.
Anything you can give will help.

Thank you for your continued support.

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Love it, don’t lose it!

Join our Supporters Circle as a Townshend, Peckover or Clarkson patron by setting up a Standing Order to donate to us each month.

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What we’re aiming for

We want to keep the doors of our museum
open free to everyone five days a week.

We believe passionately that this resource of international importance belongs to the people of Fenland and their children who should be able to access it whenever they like.

But there’s a shortfall on annual running costs since Fenland District Council had to withdraw its annual grant and even though Wisbech Town Council and members of our Re-founders Scheme are generously continuing to support us.

How you can help

We have won one-off grants but these can only be spent on specific projects, not to keep the lights on or to pay public insurance premiums and the salaries of our very small professional staff.

We are not alone in this. Not a single museum in the UK can raise enough through its own activities to keep afloat. Many museums who have lost local authority annual grants have been forced to introduce entrance charges.

We don’t want this to happen here - that’s why we’re asking individuals and local companies and organisations who enjoy the museum and value the job it does to make a regular contribution from just £5 a month.

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A Treasure House with a vital job to do

Your regular contributions will ensure we can continue to:

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Display objects that tell the story of Fenland’s history, archaeology and natural history for everyone to examine, taking their time, free of charge;

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Work with schools so children learn about their heritage through seeing and handling real objects and browsing our collections - experiences not available on the Internet.

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Conserve and keep available for academic research and public interest artefacts of local, national and international importance.

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Digitally archive manuscripts and historic documents for research, including parish records which can then be accessed by amateur family historians.

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Run community art, craft and archaeology workshops for adults and childrens knowledge.

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Network and co-operate with other museums to share and progress knowledge.


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