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07 December 2023

Agreement reached over town council contribution to running costs of Wisbech Museum

Agreement reached over town council contribution to running costs of Wisbech Museum

Chairman of Wisbech and Fenland Museum Steve McGregor today thanked Wisbech Town Council for its substantial annual contribution of £20,000 since 2017 and announced that new arrangements for the future have been agreed.

Steve McGregor said that since the Museum sought external expert advice, consulted the Charity Commission, and considered funding arrangements of comparable museums, an agreement has been reached with the town council on the two funding options it had offered towards the Museum's running costs going forward.

Under the new deal, in April 2024 the annual £20,000 grant will reduce to £17,500, and there will be a further reduction of £2,500 each year from then down to zero.

The town council will continue to have one representative on the board of the Museum in addition to one appointed representative from Fenland District Council, and the Museum retains its independence.

Steve McGregor Museum Chairman


Steve said: “These are very difficult times for heritage organisations, particularly museums, but we are determined to continue to provide a stimulating and interesting experience for the thousands who visit us each year, in particular the families and schools.

“We know we hold important and unique collections for the people of Wisbech and locality to enjoy, and we also appreciate that we need to redouble our efforts to raise enough money each year to keep the Museum operating at its present level, and that's a major task.


“But given the popularity of events and exhibitions put on in 2023 we've made an encouraging start. I take this opportunity to pay tribute to our talented staff and invaluable volunteers and thank my colleagues on the Board for their continuing support.”


Photos - Museum exterior after refurbishment and Chairman of the Museum, Steve McGregor.

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