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Image Use and Licensing

Image Use and licensing

You need permission to reproduce images from the Wisbech & Fenland Museum collection, its displays, any exhibitions or commissions, archives and the library collections.

Wisbech & Fenland Museum grants permissions for the reproduction of digital photographs in many varying contexts, including but not limited to, publications, displays, lectures, websites and social media use, TV programmes and films.


For some images you will need copyright permission from another organisation in addition to permission to reproduce the image from Wisbech & Fenland Museum.


The Museum holds a number of images and we can also organise new photography of objects from the collections.


Licensing Service


If you are interested in licensing Wisbech & Fenland images please contact us with details of what images you want to license and how you want to use them.

Please include as much information as possible in your request, including:


  • The deadline so we can prioritise urgent requests.

  • The title and object number if you have it

  • Tell us about how and what you will be using the image for






We can help you find the images you require and arrange licences and fees.

The income generated from charging for licensing and photography contributes towards maintaining the Museum

We are happy to assist with your request and have in-depth knowledge of the collection, artistic copyright, licensing and photography and can advise on all aspects of licensing photographs.


We have:


Fee Rates to suit all types of usages


Authorised photography: Digital photographs (300dpi, compressed jpgs, RGB, 8 bit) are available for editorial usages


Download our Image Reproduction Form


Contact us


Wisbech & Fenland Museum
Museum Square
PE13 1ES


Telephone: 01945 583817


10:00am -12pm Tuesday to Thursday

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