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21 April 2020

Take part in #MementoOnline

Take part in #MementoOnline

Get involved in #MementoOnline, a digital extension to our latest volunteer-led exhibition Memento…a story behind every object.

Memento opened just before we had to close the museum, and while we are sad about that, we want to turn this negative into a positive and continue to grow this poignant exhibition online with your help.

The physical exhibition is a celebration of the power of objects to remind us of valuable personal memories and emotions.  It showcases objects loaned to us by local people, as well as objects from the museum collection, revealing the people and stories behind them.

From a holiday souvenir loaned by two-year old Oliver, to a World War One wallet that saved the life of a loved-one, the exhibition showcases a diverse range of objects that are united by their significance to their owners.

Themes include memories of loved ones, important events, childhood, love, school, home, travel, heartbreak, loss, and more.

Now we are inviting you to get involved.

Which objects in your home are closest to your heart?

Photographs, holiday souvenirs, much-loved toys, special outfits, books, family heirlooms, are just a few possibilities.

To share your personal mementos with us, upload a photograph and your story, or a short video filmed in landscape mode on your smartphone or tablet, to our Facebook or Twitter accounts using the hashtag #MementoOnline.

When the museum re-opens, we will try to incorporate as much of this digital content into the physical exhibition as we can.

Here is a video of our Curator, Robert Bell, sharing a memento of his Grandfather.

(Video will open in a new window)

Important note for guardians and young participants

While it is great fun to put your videos out on social media, online safety is important. So, when you are posting online remember:

  • Don’t give full names in your videos and any messages that go with them.

  • Don’t give out any personal details such as where you live, or what school you go to.

  • Make sure parents or guardians know exactly what is being posted on social media.

  • If you see or read something online that makes you feel uncomfortable, unsafe, or worried, tell a trusted adult straight away.

If you are a parent or guardian and would like to know more about online safety for children, here is a video from the NSPCC with some great advice.

#MementoOnline is part of Wisbech & Fenland Museum’s National Lottery Heritage Fund project, Sharing Cultures: Exploring our Collections.

Memento has been developed by a team of volunteers with support from the Museum's Sharing Cultures Project Officer.  For more information about the project, please email

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